Septic Tank

Septic tank is designed to keep sewage. The tank is completely tight and resistant to sewage flows. It means it is also environmentally friendly. During production in the technological process no welded joints are used, what gives 100 % tightness. The tank can be used to keep rain water, which is a great money-saving solution. Rain water may be used for example for watering gardens, grasslands, etc.


  • The tank is made of polyethylene PE, which has an extremely good chemical resistance to sewage and different environmental factors.
  • 100% tank-resistance to infiltration and exfiltration, no welded joints.
  • The working life of the septic tank is much longer than of any other traditional sewage tanks.
  • Modern tank construction enables to connect couple of tanks together, which makes the total capacity up to 10, 15 or 20m³.
  • The diameter of tank’s inlet is 160 mm.
  • The inspection neck of the tank is closed with a tight cover (diameter – 400mm) locked by screws.