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The housing of Household Pumping Station


The housing of Household Pumping Station is available in the following dimensions: dn-800 with height of h- 2,20 m and h-2,80 m, dn-1000 with height of 2,20 m and 2,80 m, dn-1200 with height of 2,50 m. The tanks are made of PE. The rounded shape of the bottom makes sludge not to drop and remain in the tank. The well allows assembling 1 or 2 pumps. Great help for contractors is that the use of finials is in the form of telescope with a cover made of polyethylene, or the fact that in the place of the polyethylene cover one could use a standard cast iron manhole. This telescope allows for additional 40 cm of height regulation of the well with respect to ground level.