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Household Sewage Treatment Plant

Household sewage treatment plant is our signature product. Thanks to the combination of technologies of the mechanical and the biological sewage treatment plant, household wastes flow into a special sewage treatment tank - Roto Tank. There they are delivered to be fermented and preliminary treated, upon which the effluent is absorbed by soil, where the treatment process is completed.

a. Wastes are brought to a 3-chamber septic tank (Roto Tank). 
b. Preliminary wastes treatment by anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.
c. Further treatment proceeds in aerobic conditions in the filter bed in soil, and is followed by neutralisation.


Thanks to the 3-chamber structure of the septic tank, the Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant ensures the highest efficiency in wastes reduction, while its service is limited to the disposal of sediments once a year. There is no need to rinse the filter, which is required in one-chamber treatment systems.

"The effect of the sewage treatment in septic tanks depends on the number of chambers in the septic tank. (...) While applying three-chamber septic tanks, the treatment effects increase considerably and equal respectively up to BOD5 and COD approximately 50% whereas with respect to total nitrogen approximately 15%" 
                                        (Zbigniew Heidrich "Household Sewage Treatment Plants - guide-book")

Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant is an ideal solution for 4-5 person households (in the territories with dispersed housing), which do not have a sewarge system and so far have been forced to use a traditional septic tank.

As one of few sewage treatment plants in the world, the Roto Tank enables adjustment of the hydraulic load of the leach field.

Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant was awarded the title of the year 2003 product in Koszalin

Roto Tank Sewage Treatment Plant is made in such a way as to be:
- as easy as ABC to install ...,
- a self-supporting structure, which substantially reduces the costs of assembly,
- adjusted to operation in all soil conditions,
- not requiring qualified technical service,
- not requiring electric power supply.

Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant saves time and money!

The costs of assembly of the Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant are greatly reduced owing to the unique self-supporting structure of the septic tank. As a result there is no necessity to supplement water during the emptying of the tank, or to apply the backfilling of lean concrete.

Roto Tank - Household Sewage Treatment Plant consists of a set of elements ready for do-it-yourself assembly, packed in a way making it possible to be transported in a car trailer!