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About Company

Rototank was born in 2002.

The company is specialized in rotational molding of polyethylene and polypropylene. Most of our products have been molded in steel molds designed and manufactured by our specialists. We also produce moulds based on customers' ideas, developing the concept and offering alternative solutions. The main area of production is associated with environmental protection. All our products are environmentally friendly. These include household sewage treatment plant, septic tank, household pumping station, water-meter well, etc. They are all produced by the use of modern technologies, friendly towards environment. On the Polish market we cooperate with leading pipe producers and suppliers.

Our signature product is household sewage treatment plant, which is very popular among our customers. Some of the advantages of this product are the universal use, functionality, economical aspect and environmental friendliness. Household sewage treatment plant is a guarantee of the highest effectiveness in water pollution reduction and very easy tank maintenance. It is also an ideal solution for households without canalization access, in all various land circumstances.  

In our offer, you can also find septic tanks, pumping stations, water-meter wells, rubble chutes, coalescent separators and many other ROTO TANK products. The new ROTO TANK products are pots for decoration.

ROTO TANK is proud of its experience in design and steel mould creation for rotational molding. Our products have been accredited nationally and internationally.



Our aim is to follow customers' needs in the best way, to satisfy their demands and to support them throughout the project development.